Does Nyjer Have A Point?

Nyjer Morgan has been suspended 7 games by MLB officials, a penalty he will appeal, for hurling a baseball at a Philadelphia Phillies towards the end of a game in which the Nationals actually bested the Phillies 8 to 1. Granted, you probably shouldn’t pelt hard objects at ticket-buying customers, unless of course upon request, in support of Nyjer Morgan, it’s been a long season in the nation’s capital, better yet, a long tenure. Let’s take a look at Morgan’s best possible defenses. He could claim ignorance, saying, “Mr. Selig, it’s been a while since we we’d scored 8 runs, I simply didn’t know it was inappropriate to throw baseballs at fans,” or maybe try to sell that he was just a follower, claiming, “I saw Strasburg go on the Disabled List after throwing a baseball and I figured if I gave it a try, maybe I wouldn’t have to play for the next 12 months either?” Of course he could just be honest, admitting “Sir, I know what I did was wrong, but I’ve spent my 5 MLB seasons with the Pirates and Nationals, isn’t that punishment enough?” In all seriousness, baseball in Washington D.C. may have reached an all time low, and through nearly 6 seasons of cellar-dwelling with nothing but 5th place division finishes to show for it, that’s really saying something.The National’s inaugural season in Washington is the only season in which they didn’t end the year with a lopsided losing record, winding up with an even 81Ws and 81 Ls (still last in the NL East). Since then it’s been nothing but downhill for the Nats. This year was finally supposed to be different, with the further development of Zimmerman, Adam Dunn in a contract year and finally some return on the top-of-the-draft talent accrued over recent seasons. When Stephen Strasburg lit up the majors with a remarkable start to his rookie campaign, there was finally hope in Washington. Now, with Strasburg on the DL, players taking out frustrations on opposing fans, and the squad losing games at a sadly precedented rate, has there ever been a worse time be a National?

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