Reasons to GO to a Nationals Game

You may be planning on watching all the Nationals- games on your DIRECT TV this season but we suggest making it to at least one game, if you can. There-s nothing like taking in 9 innings at a ball park and here are a few of the reasons why
Hotdogs ” Is there anything better than stadium food? Sure it costs an arm and a leg but a baseball game hotdog is always steamy, hot and about as delicious as anything you-ll ever eat. You can-t replicate this experience so get out to the field.
Fly Ball ” Only at the stadium will you have the legitimate opportunity to catch a fly ball. For your best chance, get a seat behind home plate or just to the left of the right-field foul pole. If all else fails, try and catch a T-shirt from the cannon!
The Atmosphere ” Sure it-s great watching the game in the comfort of your living room with Uncle Joe but there-s nothing like being in a stadium with thousands upon thousands of like-minded fans. The smells, the soundsbaseball at its finest.
Go Nationals!

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