The Greatest Expos/Nationals in Franchise History

The Washington Nationals have only been in existence since 2005, after changing their name from the Montreal Expos. The best palyers so far, in the Nationals short existence, have been Ryan Zimmerman, Ivan Rodriguiez, and Jason Werth. Nick Johnson was aquired from the New York Yankees, but never produced as he was projected to by baseball analysts. Before 2005 the Nationals were originated from the Montreal Expos, which were started in 1969 as a new Major League Baseball franchise. Two players that started their careers with the Expos and ended up with different teams were Andre Dawson and Gary Carter. Both of these players have been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. These two players were the greatest Expos of all time. In the next best tier of greates Expos would be Tim Raines, Andes Galarragga, Pedro Martinez, and Vladimir Guerrero. Pedro Martinez was the only Expo to win the Cy Young Award, which is given to the best pitcher in the National League for that particular season. The last tier of all time best Expos in franchise history would be Ron Fairly, Marquis Grissom, Larry Walker, Steve Rogers and Manny Mota. Steve Rogers and Gary Carter were Rookies of the Year in their respective first years in the Major Leagues. Although the Expos had some very good players thru the years, they never had a number of good players at the same time.

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