Washington Senators (1891-1899)

The Washington Senators were Washington D.C.’s first professional baseball team. They were first called the Washington Statesmen, and the more modern and current inception of the team is the Washington Nationals.

The Senators was originated in 1891 in the American Association, where it was known as the Washington Statesmen in 1891. The American Association was disbanded following the 1891 season, and the team was then bought by Philadelphia businessman J. Earl Wagner, who remained the team’s owner through 1899.

The Statesmen transitioned to the National League at the beginning of the 1892 season and were renamed as the Senators. The Senators did not have a strong record in their nine year franchise run. They never had a winning season and earned a disappointing winning percentage of just 0.366. Despite their awful record, the Senators did boast some famous players, including Deacon McGuire and Hall of Famer left fielder Jim O’Rourke.

The National League downsized from twelve teams to eight teams following the 1899 season, and the Senators did not make the cut, likely in part due to their dismal record.

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