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Tommy John Surgery, What Will it Mean?

Tommy John Surgery is thrown around a lot in baseball circles. So common is the phrase one might think it’s as natural as natural as say LASIK eye surgery in the off season (which can also have complications mind you). Though while LASIK eye surgery should certainly improve a player’s play, at least in theory (cough Nate McLouth cough), Tommy John Surgery is a recovery effort to salvage promising arms from a career threatening injury. Of course, there are several cases in which pitchers return from the procedure throwing at higher velocities than they enjoyed prior to going under the knife. In fact, some parents of younger pitchers have tried to have the surgery performed on their children in an effort to boost performance, even when the kid hasn’t suffered from any form of injury. Is it possible then that Stephen Strasburg, who is likely to find himself at the business end of a scalpel in the coming months, could enjoy a bump in his already physics redefining velocity? Read the rest of this entry »

Young Pitchers with Injury Trouble: Prior to Strasburg

Almost a decade prior to Stephen Strasburg‘s heavenly descent straight from the clouds to the mound at Nationals Park, with brief stops in Harrisburg and Syracuse along the way, similar hopes rested on the right arm of a young man newly minted as the Chicago Cubs ace. The comparison to Mark Prior has abounded throughout sports media since it was announced Strasburg would miss the rest of the season. Of course, while their meteoric ascents to the MLB center stage is no doubt similar, perhaps the comparison to Prior isn’t entirely fair, after all, many of Prior’s injuries weren’t arm related troubles, or at least not induced directly from throwing a baseball. Prior’s original shoulder injury was the result of a base-running collision with Atlanta Braves second baseman; his first season ending injury was a strained hamstring, also the result of rounding the bases. Prior’s first elbow problem occurred while he was on the mound; though not originally caused by his pitching mechanics, rather a 117 mph comebacker off the bat of Brad Hawpe. Unless you’re pitching from the outfield, not even the tidy mechanics of Greg Maddux could’ve avoided such an unfortunate circumstance. It was not until 2006 that Prior first hit the DL with a strained shoulder, augmented by a strained oblique during batting practice, after which Prior would never return to form. Read the rest of this entry »


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