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Does Nyjer Have A Point?

Nyjer Morgan has been suspended 7 games by MLB officials, a penalty he will appeal, for hurling a baseball at a Philadelphia Phillies towards the end of a game in which the Nationals actually bested the Phillies 8 to 1. Granted, you probably shouldn’t pelt hard objects at ticket-buying customers, unless of course upon request, in support of Nyjer Morgan, it’s been a long season in the nation’s capital, better yet, a long tenure. Let’s take a look at Morgan’s best possible defenses. He could claim ignorance, saying, “Mr. Selig, it’s been a while since we we’d scored 8 runs, I simply didn’t know it was inappropriate to throw baseballs at fans,” or maybe try to sell that he was just a follower, claiming, “I saw Strasburg go on the Disabled List after throwing a baseball and I figured if I gave it a try, maybe I wouldn’t have to play for the next 12 months either?” Of course he could just be honest, admitting “Sir, I know what I did was wrong, but I’ve spent my 5 MLB seasons with the Pirates and Nationals, isn’t that punishment enough?” In all seriousness, baseball in Washington D.C. may have reached an all time low, and through nearly 6 seasons of cellar-dwelling with nothing but 5th place division finishes to show for it, that’s really saying something. Read the rest of this entry »


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